OHANEZE APOLOGY TO FULANI OVER JANUARY 15, 1966 COUP WAS ALREADY IN PROGRESS BEFORE NOW: Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu and Chiedozie Ogbonna are Incorrigible Liars and Inveterate Igbo Saboteurs


Nwankwo T. Nwaezeigwe, PhD, DD

Odogwu of Ibusa, Delta State

President, International Coalition against Christian Genocide in Nigeria (ICAG-GEN)

Email: [email protected] Visit us at: https://icac-gen.org/ for more information and your donations in support of our struggles/ May 7, 2024


Major PCK Nzeogwu
Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu, President General, Ohaneze Ndigbo

I listened with wrapped indignation to Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu’s 4 minutes, 57 seconds feeble voice clip washing his hands off in the manner of Pontius Pilate over an apology they have already commenced and, I felt sorry for the contemporary Igbo nation where elders with lying tongues as poisonous as that of the viper superintend over their affairs with reckless iniquitous pride. I have also listened to his defense in Igbo anchored by Njenje Online Television Network.

Sir Ahmadu Bello, Sardauna of Sokoto and Premier of Northern Region


Instead of proving his innocence with concrete evidence he was busy telling us that he is the only Nigerian with three national honors; the only Nigerian honored by Nigerian Society of Engineers with an annual lecture; he was Chairman of University of Calabar Governing Council for four years; the only Nigerian conferred traditional chieftaincy title by seven States; and the commander of the last battle at Uli Airport before Biafra’s surrender. To him, these are the certificates that qualify him to sell his Igbo kinsmen to the Fulani murderers of his people.

To Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu in the fullness of his pride, he needs to be consulted first before he is criticized or condemned for any atrocious act he undertakes against Ndigbo. To him the revelation against him was no more and no less the consequence of jealousy by those who could not attain his current unmatchable achievements in life. Furthermore, since Harford Ugwu, as he claimed, has apologized to him, Ndigbo and indeed Nigerians should treat the allegation as mere infantile fabrication. There is no doubt that Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu is still living in the age of his Hadel and Enic, which has no place in contemporary Igbo politics within the comity of Nigerian nation.

At any rate, while the other claims are politically purchasable, the last one is an inveterate lie, because there was no battle at Uli Airport after Ojukwu’s departure. It was Col Achuzia that Ojukwu handed over the command of the Biafran armed forces right there at Uli after Major General Madiebo had joined him to escape from the war. And as soon as Col Olusegun Obasanjo was assured that Ojukwu had left Biafra safely, he quickly contacted Achuzia for formal surrender, which was done. It was Col Achuzia that surrendered Biafra to Col Olusegun Obasanjo. Major General Philip Efiong only went to Lagos with a delegation of Biafran Government officials to perform the formal ceremony of surrender. So I don’t know the last battle at Uli Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu commanded and with what rank. We know the prominent Biafran men of valor among whom the name Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu was never mentioned.

I have also read the worthless tantrum of one Charles Ogbu all in the bid to extricate Judas Iscariot from the sin of betrayal of his master Our Lord Jesus Christ; and it appears to me that those who parade themselves today as Igbo leaders in Ohaneze Ndigbo are as delinquent in commonsense as they are cerebrally  morbid. Charles Ogbu’s hurried hollow defense of his master bears nothing more than the outburst of a tout shouting irrationally in defense of his master just to prove his presence.

But the most fascinating of the three addle-brained defensive responses came from the so-called National Publicity Secretary of Ohaneze Ndigbo Worldwide, Chiedozie Alex Ogbonnia, who in his mostly disconnected wonky nine-paragraph paroxysm titled: “BEGGING THE FULANI—Ohanaeze Position”, left the main crux of the allegation to wobble between the parabolic folktale of the tortoise and Oba of Benin, and Mike Ejeagha’s “Akuko na Egwu” musical fable, all in the bid to cover up the crux of the allegation. His defense was as moronically-driven as it is intellectually watery, explicitly disinterring the image of a political humpty-dumpty and proximal affirmation of delinquent Igbo leadership.


Since Chiedozie Alex Ogbonnia’s statement is a medley of denials without defense and comical political storytelling without meaning, it will be taken piecemeal in accordance with its relevance.


Referring to the allegations in paragraph (1), he states:


This is a typical falsehood and a figment of a plaintive imagination, fabricated in the dark, decorated with wings, injected with venoms and hate; and propelled to fly to various corners, fronts and heights in order to create mistrust and taints on the leadership of the Ohanaeze Ndigbo.


We will see from the succeeding paragraphs how far the above assertion of falsehood will withstand the tests of time and evidence.


Paragraph (2) in which he mentioned those that attended the said inglorious retreat of March 27, 2024 and the subsequent communiqué with the titled, “Ohanaeze tasks South-east governors, security agencies on insecurity” as published by the online source he presented, forms the cardinal point of not just the deliberate cover-up of this heinous crime of apology to the Fulani, but monstrously exhibits the height of political deceit, infantile criminality and saboteur syndrome of this very Ohaneze Ndigbo led by Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu.


It goes further to prove that all those purported men of integrity that attended the said retreat are accomplices in this crime of apology and thus do not deserve the characteristic sublime accolade of integrity. When a clean hand takes a handshake from a leprous hand, that clean hand becomes automatically unclean.


It is important to unequivocally inform Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu and Chiedozie Alex Ogbonnia that they are not only menial political cowards uncharacteristic of the celebrated Igbo image of mental and physical giantism, but inveterate saboteurs and incorrigible liars against the same Igbo they claim to lead. I wish to put it to them in clear and untainted terms that their denials of not ever having any plan to engage in any form of apology to the Fulani on behalf of Ndigbo for the death of Ahmadu Bello in the hands of the most patriotic and indefatigable Major Chukwuma Nzeogwu are as devilishly mendacious as they are deeply treacherous.


I want to put it to both men of Igbo dishonor that not only that they have the unquestionable plan to engage in this decadent act of apology to the Fulani on behalf of Ndigbo but that the process has already begun. I hereby humbly invite both men of dissolvable moral character to boldly challenge me over the assertions which are backed by the following episodes-in-evidence:


  1. That the fundamental item on the agenda of that March 27, 2024 Retreat at Enugu contrary to the commonplace lies being peddled around, was the progress Report on the Apology to the Sokoto Caliphate over the killing of Sardauna of Sokoto Sir Ahmadu Bello by Major Patrick Chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu, and not what were written in the so-called communiqué.


  1. That the 13-paged compendium of this progress report on Apology to the Fulani on behalf of Ndigbo by Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu-led Ohaneze Ndigbo which was presented by the Reconciliation and Peace Building Committee in Nigeria and consequently deliberated on during the retreat but kept secret from the press and general population of Ndigbo is titled “OHANEZE COMMITTEE ON RECONCILIATION AND PEACE BUILDING IN NIGERIA: A Clarion Call for National Healing and Reconciliation.The full details of this report can be accessed at International Coalition against Christian Genocide in Nigeria website: https://icac-gen.org/index.php/2024/05/06/a-clarion-call-for-national-healing-


  1. That this progress report by the Ohaneze Ndigbo Reconciliation and Peace Building Committee in Nigeria which provides the full details of its activities, further revealed that that there are four stages of this Fulani Apology project of which stage one which involves consultations and preliminary apology has already taken place and apology formally rendered to Sokoto Caliphate by Ohaneze Ndigbo through this Committee. It was indeed this report of the committee that Harford Ugwu was commissioned by Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu to publish as a pamphlet before he was confronted by Obasi Igwe.


  1. If Iwuanyanwu and his Ohaneze Ndigbo kingpins are sincere and are not culpable to the said allegation of apology, why did they not mention the activities of this committee in their streams of defense? Harford Ugwu was accused of begging for money to publish a document on behalf of Ohaneze Ndigbo. Why didn’t Iwuanyanwu and Chiedozie Alex Ogbonnia open up and tell the world what kind of document he was commissioned to publish and for what purpose? Iwuanyanwu and Chiedozie Alex Ogbonnia can deny but they cannot disentangle themselves from the allegation.


  1. Iwuanyanwu and Chiedozie Alex Ogbonnia cannot equally deny that this mission of most humiliating Apology to Sokoto Caliphate is being undertaken by a 10-man Reconciliation and Peace Building Committee in Nigeria, which was inaugurated at Abuja on December 7, 2023, with the following as members: Dominic Okechukwu (Chairman), Dr. Joseph Ibekwe (Secretary), Alhaji Yahaya Ndu (Member), Alhaji Haroun Ajah (Member), Dr. Uche Nwosu(Member), Dr. Ike Neliaku(Member), Chief Mrs. Rita Daniel(Member), Chukwuma Okpalaezeukwu(Member), Patrick Anyanwu(Member), and Primacy Ezeh(Member). Alhaji Yahaya Ndu later withdrew out of protest over the inauguration venue and the hidden agenda of the committee.


  1. Ironically, the Committee Office instead of Enugu is located at Abuja, precisely at No. 7, S. E. Asher Drive, Kubwa Extension 111, FCT; the rent of which is being bankrolled by Miyetti Allah National Leadership. So the question is why open a separate office for the committee in Abujav instead of using the Ohaneze Ndigbo National Secretariat at Enugu, if not for the treacherous intentions of the Ohaneze Ndigbo leadership? When has it become the tradition of Ohaneze Ndigbo committees to establish independent operational offices outside the National Headquarters, when the same Ohaneze leadership is crying over scarcity of financial resources, if not for the 100 billion naira grant from Miyetti Allah?


  1. It should be recalled that during the inauguration of the committee Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu promised to make Ohaneze Ndigbo financially independent through the establishment of “a strong business base which include building multipurpose markets across member states.” The question is from which source will Ohaneze Ndigbo provide the money for such billion naira business venture if not from the 100 billion naira bribe from Sokoto Caliphate through Miyetti Allah?


  1. The compendium report is explicit on the fact that the cardinal objective of Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu-led Ohaneze Ndigbo for establishing the Reconciliation and Peace Building Committee in Nigeria is to initiate this dastard project of initiating apology to Sokoto Caliphate on behalf of Ndigbo for Major Chukwuma Nzeogwu’s assassination of Ahmadu Bello in the course of the January 15, 1966 coup; even though it has to be undertaken under the cover of Reconciliation and Peace Building in Nigeria.


  1. That this is a core Fulani political initiative is not only underscored by the whopping 100 billion naira grant to Ohaneze Ndigbo but was strategically implied by the location of the Committee’s operational office at Abuja to ensure effective monitoring of the activities of the committee and synergy between the committee and Miyetti Allah. Indeed the core objective of the Fulani in bankrolling such deceptive Igbo project with Nigeria’s stolen oil money is to build a Fulani-Igbo axis of political opposition through Ohaneze Ndigbo against the equally evil Government of Alhaji Bola Ahmed Tinubu.


  1. In pursuant to this objective, and in laying the foundation for the demonization of Major Chukwuma Nzeogwu and subsequent setting the ground for the apology, the compendium report at page 3 under the subtitle, “The Trend of the Crisis”, states inter alia:


We discovered that pockets of bloodshed have been occurring in this nation but its escalation to a wider scale at the national level dates back to the coup of January 15th of 1966 in which our leaders in the military and political circles were mercilessly and senselessly murdered by some misguided young officers. Unfortunately, the preponderance of the perpetrators was from the then Eastern, Western and Midwestern Regions, while the victims were mainly from the Northern Region. Ohaneze Ndigbo is taking a humble step through this project to answer this all of Nationalistic demand to address this challenge so that enduring peace and development will return to our nation, Nigeria.


  1. In page 5 of the report, under the subtitle, “Innocent Blood Stings”, Ohaneze Ndigbo under Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu humiliatingly concluded that Ahmadu Bello was an innocent man that never deserved to be killed when it adopted hook, line, and sinker, the thesis that, “The Muslim religious leader told us that, in Islam, to kill one innocent person is like killing the whole world before Allah.” This is the kind of stupidity those parading themselves as Ohaneze Ndigbo leaders showcase before those who take the Igbo as their eternal enemies. The question is, why can’t the killings, kidnapping and displacements of Igbo citizens in their ancestral land continue, if those who call themselves their leaders have justified such heinous crimes against humanity on the ground that they are perpetual consequences of the killing of the so-called innocent man in Islam called Ahmadu Bello?


  1. Under the subtitle, “The Way Forward” still at page 5, asserts:


It is this realization that made Ohaneze Ndigbo to form this committee and begin the process of reaching out to other regions of the nation for national recovery based on truth, sincerity and respect for one another.


  1. In continuation of Ohaneze Ndigbo mission to demonize the Major Chukwuma Nzeogwu in their bid to please their Fulani paymasters, the compendium at page 6 under the subheading, “The Environment of the Challenge”, ridiculously dramatized General I. B. M. Haruna’s lamentation over the death of Ahmadu Bello and his wife in the hands of Major Chukwuma Nzeogwu. The report lamented thus on behalf of General Haruna:


General I. B. M. Haruna broke down in tears while narrating the murder of the Premier of Northern Region, Sir Ahmadu Bello and his wife by Major Nzeogwu on the night of 15th January, 1966 coup that started 2am of that day.”]


  1. On the concrete evidence that the apology to the Fulani on behalf of Ndigbo for the killing of Ahmadu Bello by Major Chukwuma Nzeogwu has already commenced, the compendium under the subtitle, “Committee Engagements” at page 9, shamelessly narrated:

Since the inauguration of the Committee in October 2023, the Committee has embarked on high-level advocacy visits to prominent political, religious and traditional leaders in the Southeast and Northern Zones of the country as part of the stakeholders/elite engagements.


To prove that Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu and his addle-brained band of Ohaneze Ndigbo leadership are poised to engage on their treacherous mission against the collective political interest of Ndigbo, the so-called consultations did not consider the Southwest, the South-South, and the Middle Belt, but only restricted themselves to Southeast and the Northern Muslim axis. Does this not prove the allegation that the fundamental mission of Ohaneze Ndigbo is to render apology to the Fulani leadership on behalf of Ndigbo for the death of Ahmadu Bello in the hands of Major Chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu?


In response to the preliminary apology, the compendium again narrated the reaction of one of Fulani leaders in a manner that portrayed the Igbo as the monstrous sinners voluntarily displaying their regretful hearts:


One of them remarked that, this level of humility that the Igbos exhibited through Ohaneze Ndigbo in pursuit of this mission which entails accepting where they went wrong and where they offended others in the past will definitely humble others into acknowledging and accepting where they have wronged the Igbos in the past.


In paragraph (4) of his moronic diatribe Chiedozie Alex Ogbonna wrote concerning my allegations:


The worst of the diatribes came from one Nwankwo T Nwaezeigwe, PhD, a professor at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, where he alleged that Ohanaeze Ndigbo received 100 Billion Naira as Fulani bribe for a kangaroo apology on behalf of Ndigbo for Nzeogwu’s assassination of Ahmadu Bello. One Hundred Billion Naira Bribe!. This is falsehood from the pit of hell. Of course, only an insane professor, will maliciously disseminate false information. I leave the general public to assess the said UNN professor and the damages he has done to Nigerian students.”


While I wish to inform Chiedozie Alex Ogbonna that I never presented myself as a professor at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, but as President, International Coalition against Christian Genocide in Nigeria (ICAC-GEN), I equally leave the matter to the public to judge who in fact is the Devil to his people, the grandmaster of political deceit against Ndigbo, and the saboteur par excellence against Ndigbo.


Although paragraph (5) has no direct bearing with the issues under contention, there are a number of infantile fabrications surrounding the political integrity of the likes of Nnia Nwodo, George Obiozor, and Chuba Okadigbo that deserve instant rebuttal.


First, there is no contending the fact that the triad of Nnia Nwodo, George Obiozor, and Chuba Okadigbo, including Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu were unrepentant Fulani political cronies whose pretentious Igbo patriotism was merely a veneer to their inherent servitude mentality to Fulani domineering political project against collective Igbo interest. I openly opposed Nnia Nwodo’s election for President-General of Ohaneze Ndigbo when I was still in Nigeria because of his proven antecedents as a pro-Sokoto Caliphate Quisling dating back to the Second Republic. The same applied to Chuba Okadigbo, George Obiozor, and Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu.


Although Iwuanyanwu pretended to be an Igbo patriot under Nnamdi Azikiwe because of the contracts Governors Jim Nwobodo and Sam Mbakwe awarded his Hadel and Enic Civil Engineering Construction Company, once the Second Republic went into oblivion, the wind of “AGIP” (Any Government in Power) blew him off to the distant lands of the Fulani Muslim Caliphate. Indeed, for Nnia Nwodo I have always categorized him in the class of Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu and Nnamdi Kanu—masterly eloquent, characteristically intelligent, but captive to mobbish showman-patriotism and constricted ideological spectacle.


Entrusting Igbo leadership on these people had always been a case of giving a cup of water to a monkey, in which retrieving the cup becomes a problem. In fact, I stand to be challenged in my assertion that From Nnia Nwodo through George Obiozor, to Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu, the choice of who becomes the President General of Ohaneze Ndigbo has always been decided by the Fulani Caliphate through the Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore. The attached letter from the National Secretary of Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore, Alhassan Saleh Kuba date August 26, 2020, to the President General of Ohaneze Ndigbo, Nnia Nwodo, titled: “Nomination of Amb. George Obiozor as Your Successor”, tells the whole story.


Finally, hear Chiedozie Alex Ogbonnia, the now treacherously estranged National Publicity Secretary of Ohanaeze Ndigbo Worldwide. “Prof. George Obiozor drafted the letter with which Chief Emeka Ojukwu was granted pardon. The trio of Obiozor, Chuba Okadigbo and Nnia Nwodo played greater roles for Ojukwu to return in 1982.” So it was George Obiozor’s letter that led the Government of President Shehu Shagari to grant Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu State pardon? What was George Obiozor’s status them? Who knew him among the least of Igbo politicians of the Second Republic? Discerning minds knew that once General Yakubu Gowon was granted State pardon, it was a matter of time before Ojukwu’s turn.


But Igbo political pariahs like Chuba Okadigbo and Nnia Nwodo who were determined to send Nnamdi Azikiwe to his untimely death because of their lack of political relevance in their hometowns, decided to enlist Ojukwu as their willing tool in the service of the same Fulani people that carried out heinous pogroms against the Igbo in 1966 and are still killing our people till date, to undermine the political carriage of the Great Zik of Africa among Ndigbo. For instance, Chuba Okadigbo had Edwin Onwudiwe to contend with in Ogbunike; while Nnia Nwodo had Edmund Itanyi to contend with in Ukehe.


This same people, this time led by Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu have decided to refashion their strategy of selling Ndigbo to their Fulani political slave-masters, this time again, by means of iniquitous self-conceited apology for the death of somebody majority of Nigerians celebrated his death.

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