In Dramatic Operation At Shifa Hospital, IDF Arrests 80 Terrorists, Kills Many Others

March 18, 2024 7:00 am

By Yehuda Dov

JERUSALEM (VINnews) — In a dramatic nocturnal operation which took place at the A-Shifa hospital in northern Gaza early Monday morning, IDF special forces stormed the hospital, arresting some 80 terrorists and killing many others.

The IDF said that the decision to initiate the operation was based on intelligence information that many Hamas terrorists had returned to Shifa, including senior operatives, and were using it as a command center for terrorist activities while using the patients as human shields.

IDF forces attack Shifa hospital, rooting out terrorists at the site

The IDF forces surrounded the hospital’s buildings using tanks and heavy weaponry to prevent the escape of terrorists and then special forces entered, using technology to identify the terrorists and remove them from the wards where they were hiding. All this time the soldiers were under fire from the windows of the hospital where terrorists were firing at them. One soldier was lightly wounded in the exchanges.

The IDF and Shin Bet are continuing Monday morning to conduct precise operational activities in the area of A-Shifa hospital. Currently the IDF forces have taken control of the main buildings and are calling on all terrorists left in the hospital to surrender. Many terrorists are apparently still barricaded in the wards, using the patients and doctors as human shields.




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