Four Killed In Fresh Attack On Plateau Villages


Four Killed In Fresh Attack On Plateau Villages


8 hours ago


12 February 2024

By Enioluwa Adeniyi


In a distressing resurgence of violence in Plateau State, four individuals have fallen victim to attacks by suspected herdsmen in two separate incidents within the Miango district of Bassa Local Government Area.

The national publicity secretary of the Irigwe Development Association, Davidson Malison, reported that the assailants targeted the Nkienzha community in the Rigwe Chiefdom early on Monday, resulting in three fatalities and leaving another person severely injured from machete wounds.

The injured victim is currently receiving medical attention.

An additional life was lost in a related attack that occurred on Saturday night in the village of Teegbe, further deepening the community’s sorrow.

In a separate incident on Friday, a vehicle ambush led to the burning of a car and injuries to one individual, amplifying the atmosphere of fear and uncertainty among the local populace.

The resurgence of such violent acts has been condemned by the leadership of the Rigwe nation, encompassing the traditional council and development association, as both “callous” and “barbaric”.

The paramount ruler of Rigwe Chiefdom, Reverend Ronku Aka, together with the President of the Irigwe Development Association, Robert Ashi, have made urgent appeals to security agencies, demanding the apprehension and subsequent prosecution of those responsible for these heinous crimes.

This spate of violence is not isolated, as Plateau State has witnessed a significant uptick in such incidents.

Over 200 individuals were killed in attacks on the Bokkos and Barkin Ladi local government areas on Christmas Eve, with numerous homes and farmlands destroyed.

The violence persisted into the new year, with over 30 people killed and many houses torched in Kwahaslalek village, Mangu Local Government Area, in January.

In response to the January attacks, Governor Caleb Mutfwang imposed a curfew on the affected Local Government Area, which was later lifted.

Enioluwa Adeniyi


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