Nwankwo T. Nwaezeigwe, PhD, DD

Odogwu of Ibusa Clan

Leader, International Coalition against Christian Genocide in Nigeria (ICAC-GEN)

Email: [email protected]

Date: January, 15, 2023


Ordinarily I should not have responded to Prof Patrick Chukwujindi Nzekwue’s tardy and pusillanimous rebuttal to my article on him and Fred Ajudua safe for the question thrown to me by a noble son of Ibusa. The question from this noble son of Ibusa reads: “I hope you have seen his rebuttal. Is he supporting what is happening in Igbuzor?”

This is the irony of the current state of intellectual bankruptcy in Ibusa where intelligent men of letters are cowered into ignominious moral submission by a band of criminal-founded noveau riche led by Fred Ajudua. This was Prof Patrick Chukwujindu Nzekwue’s cry of desperation to me after the publication: “My Streets in Ibusa. I don’t think I need more adverts for the sake of my wife and children!” He doesn’t need publicity but he has a “Street.” What a cacophony of self-crucifixion?

Both Prof Patrick Chukwujindu Nzekwue and Fred Chijindu Ajudua are my friends, but the collective interest of my beloved town Ibusa overrides any form or level of friendship as the Odogwu of Ibusa. I might not be loved by a number of people in the town but my principles which are my greatest weapons cannot be taken away from me. Both men are aware from Adam that I have zero tolerance with scams and 419 even though I treat every known Ibusa scammer as my brother.

Fred Ajudua from my close interactions with him is equally aware that I cannot be bought with money; otherwise I would not be in my present struggles. I have closely worked with Senator Peter Nwoboshi and he fully knows I cannot be bought with money against my principles. The Anyalaobum-Ishite Ruling House that appointed me the Odogwu of Ibusa did not do so because of money because they know I have none to bribe my way through; rather they contributed money from their scarce resources to support me and even the entire Police and Court cases that resulted from my conferment. So why can’t I be selfless in the performance of my responsibilities as the Odogwu of Ibusa?

The point is that I don’t know where to place Prof Patrick Chukwujindu Nzekwue’s 159-word spineless and discreditable rebuttal to my article and, how far it could go to debunk my irrefutable assertions on him and Fred Ajudua. He cannot say I did not warn him against any such rebuttal. What people should know is that there is unambiguous difference between intelligence and moral candor. One can be intelligent yet lacking in moral candor. One can still be less intelligent yet imbued with high moral courage. Prof Patrick Chukwujindu Nzekwue is intelligent no doubt but walks with decrepit moral footsteps guided by the pendulum of cowardice and infantile timidity.

I only extolled his intelligence quotient and not his ignoble and debilitating cowardice. I hope Prof Patrick Chukwujindu Nzekwue understands this difference with scientific precision. I hope as well that Prof Patrick Chukwujindu Nzekwue is aware that I did not write either for my personal aggrandizement or to unduly elevate him beyond his proportionate achievements but for the collective interest of Ibusa.

He is no doubt proportionately upright in moral judgment with instinctive orientation towards genuine hard-work but, unfortunately encumbered by a retinue of morally bankrupt relatives led by his cousin and a well-known scammer Mr. Obison Nzekwue, and his immediate younger sister Miss Edith Nzekwue whose late husband was once a protégé and younger brother to a well-Known scammer. These are the two people in Nzekwue’s family who still maintain unbreakable chain of allegiance to Fred Ajudua and whose questionable moral reputation clearly took Prof Patrick Chukwujindu Nzekwue’s claim to impeccable family background to the cleaners.

Indeed it will interest many people to know that the said rebuttal was not personally authored by Prof Patrick Chukwujindu Nzekwue but by Fred Ajudua and imposed on the latter by Obison Nzekwue after being summoned by Fred Ajudua to explain his cousin’s role in my article. The primary evidence to this fact is that the copy of the said rebuttal sent to me by Prof Patrick Chukwujindu Nzekwue was in form of a forwarded Whatsapp message. The question then is from whose Whatsapp account was the message forwarded to me?

Thus, although Prof Patrick Chukwujindu Nzekwue might be intelligent but he is robotly controlled by Mr. Obison Nzekwue who is a known protégé of Fred Ajudua and his sister Miss Edith Nzekwue who still lives with the 419 mentality of her late husband. These were expressly made known to me by Prof Patrick Chukwujindu Nzekwue himself after informing them of my intention to use him as a subject matter in the article. So the fundamental question is can Prof Patrick Chukwujindu Nzekwue truthfully state that he was not privy to the same write-up he now claims to reject before its publication? He cannot.

Even though he claims that he is not fascinated with the title of Dr. or Professor because of his acclaimed noble and humble carriage, but he cannot deny that he is currently a Professor and so bound to behave like one. Although one is only a Professor in his restricted area of academic specialization but there is a general moral standard of truth for anyone who professes as a Professor. This I can see lacking in Professor Patrick Chukwujindu Nzekwue’s escapist rebuttal.

The said article was dated 03 December, 2023 and was supposed to be published before Christmas but due to many amendments demanded by Prof Patrick Chukwujindu Nzekwue, it was delayed until he began to develop cold-footedness following threats from his sister Edith and cousin Obison. One of the reasons he advanced was that: “It will dichotomize my already fragile family as Mr. Iloba Nzekwue is married to Henrietta Ajudua, Fred Ajudua’s younger sister.”

I however reminded him that it was the same Fred Ajudua that sponsored an Ogbeowele hoodlum to publicly assault Obi (Col) Emmanuel Enwaelim Nzekwue, his elder brother and Diokpa, a respectable Ibusa Chief, without the said Iloba and his wife coming out to take a stand. I also reminded him that it was the same Obison Nzekwue that publicly mocked Obi (Col) Emmanuel Enwelim Nzekwu for the same public assault on him. His response was “OdogwuAbi! Thank you! I will respond appropriately, we’re currently dealing with supper snowstorms devastating the whole American Northeast!”

When he spoke again and found me unbending, he went further to promise me mouth-watering compensation. This was his statement: “Odogwu Abi, I really want to take you out of hotel to a proper home. Tell me what it takes but NOT the publication.” It was at this point that I told him off, warning him that he should not try in any manner to buy me over with money against my standing principles; hence I decided to release the article.

Is it not therefore laughable that the same Prof Patrick Chukwujindu Nzekwue, who knows me very well, should be talking of taking legal actions against me? By the way, who is afraid of Court action? Has he forgotten that my primary reason for being in exile today was for taking President Muhammadu Buhari to Federal High Court, Asaba, with the late Prof Ben Nwabueze, SAN, and Elder Solomon Asemota, SAN, as my counsels? Well he said I should apologize within 24 hours. The foregoing is my apology, while awaiting his legal action. He brands himself as public-shy. May be his legal action would more than my article break that jinx. He would however to be adding to his moral data of cowardice if he fails to institute legal action against me as threatened.

Fred Ajudua
Patrick Nzekwue
Nwankwo Nwaezeigwe



  1. Truth has a way of stinging the offenders. But will benefit those who embrace it sooner and repent and change their ways.

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